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DATE OF BIRTH: 08/21/1938
DATE OF DEATH: 02/21/2001
(501) 324-6401
PATTERSON Wilbert Lee (I119)
2 Source Notes for Nancy

Washington Co., KY marriage. George PATTERSON family bible. 
WOOD Nancy (I080)
3 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. PATTERSON Clinford (I015)
4 [Patterson.ged]

! 1850-1880 Census; birth record of child [1893], Prospect News death notice 15
Mar 1900 shows "Neely" PATTERSON, bro.of Jn.F, died at home on Fourchee Mon.
eve; had pneumonia & measles.
..Aunt Vertie interviewed by "researching cousin" Delores Allen (Cushing, OK)
Neal inherited the original homestead of George & Sally (Ferrill) PATTERSON on
the Fourche west of Poyner (Sugar Tree Grove). Neal was one of several good
left handed Patterson fiddle players. Vertie remembered letters being receivedfrom Ireland and also a fiddle sent to Neal from Ireland. 
PATTERSON Cornelius Pitchford. (I446)
5 [Patterson.ged]

! 1860-1880 census, marriage records [Milcena HOWEL & Motie PURDY]
James' first marriage was a double wedding performed by his uncle
but Milcena [Gussie] appar. died after [or while] having a child as
she was not in the household in 1880. 
PATTERSON James William (I442)
6 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ADAMS Pauline (I275)
7 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BROOKS Ronald Loren (I034)
8 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. STEVENSON Claudie Lynn (I036)
9 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BROOKS Donald Lee (I033)
10 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. HARRIS Blanche (I273)
11 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ADAMS Lorene (I276)
12 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BROOKS William Lewis (I032)
13 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BATES Madeen (I038)
14 [Patterson.ged]

! among the few Ripley County births "officially recorded" during 1880s.
No name given on b/c but she was the first child for the mother. Father
[General Marion, age 26, MO] was a farmer. 
PATTERSON [?] (I065)
15 [Patterson.ged]

! Ed was stricken with spinal meningitis [epidemic hit naval boot camp] on
23 Dec 1943. He improved but soon after being taken off the critical list, he
suffered a relapse and died less than three weeks before his 18th birthday. 
ADAMS Edward F. "Buddy" (I088)
16 [Patterson.ged]

! George married Nancy & Avery Wood married Sarah Patterson in a double wedding [official=Thomas Kyle]. Thomas Wood was surety for George & Nancy while James Patterson was surety for Avery & Sarah. Presumably Thomas Wood was an uncle of Nancy [her father was Malon per fam.bible] and he likely was either the father or uncle of Avery. James Patterson was probably either the father or uncle of George & Sarah. James Patterson was shown as witness/ father when Rachel Patterson married Mahlon Wood [not Nancy's father since he was older & still married to Fannie Bishop] the next year [same official]. James Nancy was surety on that marriage & George Patterson was a witness. They apparently did show relationships when the parent was mentioned as a witness or surety, so it may be more likely that James was the uncle of George and Sarah. Thomas Wood must have been a brother of the older Malon Clearly two or three very closely related families were involved in all three marriages. A fourth Patterson/ Wood marriage in Washington County [only an extract seen] was 25 Mar 1795 when Samuel Wood married Elizabeth Patterson. This could have been Malon & Fannie's son Samuel.

George PATTERSON built a cabin in the 1790's on Salt Lick Creek, a tributary of the Barren Fork River. The two story cabin, with attached kitchen, was about 3 1/2 miles south of the KY/TN state line. The cabin has been enclosed, with rooms added, and is still occupied as a weekend retreat be a descendant of George and Nancy PATTERSON. The original smoke house is still standing.
George and Nancy are buried in the Salt Lock/Patterson Cemetery the is located North across the road from the homesite. Massive sandstone slab cover both graves and markers, that are badly eroded, have been erected.
Researchers have been unable to document George Patterson's father...family legend has it that two brothers came to America from Ireland. Each generation has been told the Pattersons were Scotch-Irish. It is known that King James I sent a group from Scotland to Northern Ireland in 1603. Research shows that Patterson's are originally from the "Black Hills" of Ireland, a local name given to the Basalt Mountains of Antrim County, Northern Ireland. The naming of John, George, John, George gives strong indications that George Patterson's father was named John. A James and John Patterson were among the passengers arriving in Charleston, SC 1766/77. Later the 1790 Greenville Co, South Carolina census lists a John and James Patterson, living near the WOODS family. It appears that this group migrated westward to Washington County, Kentucky, the South into Tennessee.

SOURCE NOTES: "History of Macon Co., TN" by H.G. Blakenship. 1800, 1820, 1830 Smith Co., TN Census, 1840 Macon Co, TN census. Family Bible. George Patterson will, Macon Co., TN
..See remarks for George's father which support conclusion that his father and/or uncle migrated from Orange Co, NC to Greenville Co, SC ca 1787. This fits with1790C as well as George having been born in NC and marrying daughter of Malon Woods born in SC.

George Patterson was born 3 Jul 1771 in North Carolina. He was the son of John Patterson. George died 30 Mar 1848 in Salt Lick Creek, Macon Co, Tennessee, and was buried 1848 in Salt Lick Creek, Macon, Co, Tennessee. He married Nancy WOOD 7 Nov 1795 in Washington Co, Kentucky. She was born 2 Jun 1779, the daughter of Malon/Mahlon WOOD and Fannie BISHOP. Nancy died 7 Dec 1844 in Salt Lick Creek, Macon Co, Tennessee, and was buried Dec 1844 in Salt Lice Creek, Macon Co, Tennessee. 
PATTERSON George (I069)
17 [Patterson.ged]

! Glenna Mae was murdered. As I recall hearing, her marriage had broken up and she returned to live with her mother. She apparantly dated a fellow
associated with organized crime in the greater KC area. Around that time there were quite a few unsolved power struggle "hits" and she must have learned too much about one of them for she came home from a date crying and told her mother "They're going to get me, because I know too much". She was shot through the bedroom window of her mother's house and so far as I know the assailant was not apprehended.
..undated clipping re her marriage. Husband was in the Merchant Marines. She
was married before Buddy died. 
ADAMS Glenna Mae (I087)
18 [Patterson.ged]

! Her name was shown as Milcena HOWEL on the marriage record. Gussie must
have died [perhaps in childbirth] soon after they were married for the
1880 census just listed James W. with their 4-year-old daughter and he
remarried in 1884. 
HOWELL Melcina Augusta "Gussie" (I477)
19 [Patterson.ged]

! marriage record & b/c of first child. Marriage by "POYNER"; Dr. W.F.
RANEY [Cape Co.] attended the birth.
..sister of Lowell WILLIAMS' father per Aunt Elsie; mentioned on obituaries of
siblings through 1910 
WILLIAMS Missouri (I064)
20 [Patterson.ged]

! Mary was a daughter of Joel HAM (Fam#122 on 1870C; lived near PATTERSONs
I had assumed she died before G.M.PATTERSOn mar. Missouri WILLIAMS until BJP
data base showed children of this marriage born before & after the other. My
Aunt Elsie mentioned Missouri (who was related to my Uncle Lowell Williams) &
Missouri still going by PATTERSON in 1900. The "other" General we know of was
too young for either marriage. 
HAM Mary (I480)
21 [Patterson.ged]

! They were divorced before WWII. She and the children went to the Kansas
City [MO/KN] area. She stayed in touch with some of the ADAMS "ex-inlaws"
and was still living [Housington, KS] in 1970 when Roy Jr died. Her second
husband was Otis GOSS. Her parents were Mr. & Mrs. Harve SPIRES
..Per SS Death Index CD, Otis was b1/9/1904 and d/Dec 1977 in Housington, KS (Railroad SSN). There was a Hazel Goss b/7/13/1907 (SSN issued in KS) who d/Mar/1995 in Neodesha, KS--possibly her or she may still be living. 
SPIRES Hazel (I085)
22 [Patterson.ged]

!.".at home" Granite City, IL in 1968 
ELLIOTT Paula Sue (I045)
23 [Patterson.ged]

!.."at home" Granite City, IL in 1968 
ELLIOTT Bobby (I046)
24 [Patterson.ged]

!.."at home" Granite City, IL in 1968 
ELLIOTT Cathyline Muriel (I047)
25 [Patterson.ged]

!.."at home" Granite City, IL in 1968 
ELLIOTT Patricia Ann (I049)
26 [Patterson.ged]

!.."at home" Granite City, IL in 1968 
ELLIOTT Sherry (I050)
27 [Patterson.ged]

!.."at home" Granite City, IL in 1968 
ELLIOTT Tommy Dale (I051)
28 [Patterson.ged]

!.."at home" in 1968 (listed=Eddie, brother of Gerald Lee 
ELLIOTT Eldie Jean (I044)
29 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. PATTERSON Lehman Ferrill. "Doc" (I253)
30 [Patterson.ged]

!.."extra" child mentioned by Elsie HARPER ["5 of 8 dead" but 4 alive] He lived
in St. Louis and married Ruby BEAR - had 1 son.
..Most of the dates and marriage information of Daniel P Jr's children are from "researching cousin" Jack Patterson, son of Acel Patterson (jackdp/@/trib.com) 
PATTERSON Acel Clifford (I190)
31 [Patterson.ged]

!..1820C showed 1 dau.age 16-26 
WOOD (I162)
32 [Patterson.ged]

!..1820C showed 1 son 16-18; 1 16-26 [1 son or 2??] 
WOOD (I161)
33 [Patterson.ged]

!..1860-1900 Census, Mar.Rec, B/C of daughter [1884], Prospect News obituary
Polly & her brother James were in a double wedding performed by their uncle,
John A. PATTERSON. Her brother John F. later married a sister of Polly's
husband [children of West RILEY] -- info from BJP
..Polly was named for each of her grandmothers - Polly CARVER PATTERSON and Rosanna BIGGS FERRILL. Called "Rosie" or "Sis" by her brothers, she ran the farm during the Civil War. She had a trunk of Confederate money which nephews Cornelius Russell & George Rufus Patterson enjoyed playing with. They called her "Aunt Sis".
..Information added by Thelma McManus to my copy of her book -- both Rose and Oliver buried in unmarked graves (Sugar Tree Grove); her obituary showed she died 4/12/1910 at age 59y3m4d; m/Oliver 3/14/1875; 4 of 7 children still living when she died. 
PATTERSON Polly Rosanna (I441)
34 [Patterson.ged]

!..A son by the second marriage [1875-1948] was also named Daniel P. [="II"] 
Jr. PATTERSON Daniel Pitchford. (I403)
35 [Patterson.ged]

!..A Thomas Patterson on GenWeb (postings by Monalisa Graves) was believed to have been born 1817 in Macon Co, TN. He moved to Illinois in 1844 where he married Elvera Howell. They had several children but not all identified. Another posting by her has a likely error (Thomas Patterson b 1817 in Macon but died in 1935 which would be at age 118) This one maried Elizabeth Metzher and had nine children. One of them William b 7/6/1840 was Monalisa's ancester. Her Genforum exchange with Michael Mudd definitely links to "our" line. His 6/6/2000 posting informed her of Thomas Patterson, s/o George & Nancy nee Wood b 3/17/1815 in Smith/Macon Co TN. (Precise match w/bible data & our research). No positive link w/Monalisa's line but quite feasible that George's son Thomas indeed went to Illinois. 
PATTERSON Thomas (I103)
36 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ADAMS Nova (I201)
37 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BRASCHLER Naomi (I263)
38 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. HARPER Euniceteen (I006)
39 [Patterson.ged]

!..Adeline Stinson nee Wilson received 1/10 share in distribution of Letty
White's estate so she was alive in 1888. 
WILSON Gracy Adeline (I243)
40 [Patterson.ged]

!..age 19 on 1850C; only child still at home. 
WOOD William P. (I164)
41 [Patterson.ged]

!..age 23 when 2nd child born in 1893; maiden name spelled "MEDER"
..Research by Delores Allen: d/o Samuel MOLER of IN; moth=Nancy J, also of IN 
MOLER Susie (I484)
42 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. GALLIER Judy. Mae (I229)
43 [Patterson.ged]

!..age/birthplace info from county birth records of 3rd & 4th child. 
BARNES William Andrew (I203)
44 [Patterson.ged]

!..Alvin was a TEC5 in US Army during WW II; killed by train. 
PATTERSON Sherman Alva (I013)
45 [Patterson.ged]

!..Among births recorded for Ripley Co 1883-1894. Arthur was Roselee EMERY's1st child (at age 19, bn=IL; Ben also age 19, bn=MO). Birthdate on his
tombstone is 2/15/1887. Presumably resided in Randolph Co, Ark his entire
..There are eight Patterson tombstones in Masonic Cemetery /@/ Pocahontas including Arthur & Rosie. I am tentatively assigning other Patterson burials in that cemetery as Arthur's children but this is only circumstantual. They could as easily be children of Jake Patterson (1888-1953) who is also buried there or might be from a different Patterson line. 
PATTERSON Arthur R. (I524)
46 [Patterson.ged]

!..Among my earliest memories are the first time Aunt Nila brought Paul to visit. He would have been just a few months old and I couldn't have been more than a year old. They put us down on a quilt on the floor and I tried to talk with him. Aunt Nila said "He can't talk now but he will later". Another equally clear memory was a couple years later when we went to Aunt Nila's and I couldn't understand why everybody was crying. Nila dried her tears and led me in to see Paul on a bed where he was "sleeping". Paul died just a few days before my 3rd birthday and when I asked when he would wake up so we could play they went on to explain that he had "gone to see Jesus". I went outside and watched with wide-eyed fascination as the men (I recall Uncle Lowell and Grandpa but don't remember who else; Dad hadn't gone out to help them yet) were constructing a tiny wooden coffin. My questions must have been disturbing or else I was getting in the way for Grandpa or one of the uncles soon shooed me away.  
WILLIAMS Paul (I268)
47 [Patterson.ged]

!..Anna reportedly died in childbirth; no known surviving children. GY
remarried with two children by the second marriage [see Nancy GETTINGS]
The farm given to GY & Anna by her father ended up going to Nancy. 
MERRELL Anna E. (I625)
48 [Patterson.ged]

!..appar. two "BF"s in Ripley Co; obit.of Adeline matches mar.date for Winnie
so m/Motie PURDIE 28 Feb 1884 must be other BF.
..names of children supplied by Elsie PATTERSON HARPER; relat.of Geo.C & Baxter
confirmed by Nelson Co. Ark tombstone extract on Geo.C. [from B.J.P.] 
PATTERSON Ben Franklin (I443)
49 [Patterson.ged]

!..apparantly one of the "cousins" providing info for reunion at "the Place" 
BRANDON Judy (assume) (I390)
50 [Patterson.ged]

!..Aunt Elsie & Aunt Frona (double Pattersons) had two "Uncle Ben's", both with
the middle initial J. Aunt Elsie gave info about this uncle in a letter to EB
during 1977. Also research by BJP & others. The family moved from Ripley Co,
MO to Reyno (Randolph Co) Ark in 1904 and are in the 1910 Randolph Co Directory. HH#119 on the 1910C for Randolph Co
Benj Jr 40 MO TN TN
Rose E 40 wife IL IL IL
Mae M 13 daughter MO MO IL
Elvie M 10 daughter do
Ollie 9 daughter do
Edd Berkenshire? boarder
Ripley County birth records identify another child (Coney) who wasn't picked up
from other sources and must have died young. At least one child (Arthur) stayed
in Randolph Co & buried there. 
PATTERSON Benjamin J. (I511)

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