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51 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. PATTERSON Mae M. (I525)
52 [Patterson.ged]

!..Aunt Elsie (Patterson/Harper) wrote "I remember Mother saying Jake was blind" 
PATTERSON Jacob (I510)
53 [Patterson.ged]

!..Aunt Elsie gave Ben's wife as Rosa EMERY; a son m/Rosa BOYER
..I recall Uncle Ben's sense of humor, the twinkle in his eyes and also that even into his seventies he was strong enough to pin two high school nephews at one time (Dwight Williams & I) when we challenged him to "wrassle" Avon Adams often told of how he "got even" with Uncle Ben for a prank he played on him while Avon was a kid, pulling on the tail of a horse Avon was riding and causing the horse to run away. Many years later Avon offered to take him for a motor boat ride on the Mississippi River. As he often did, Uncle Ben was smoking a cigar. Avon opened it up and Uncle Ben was holding onto the sides of the boat for dear life. He just about swallowed the cigar but every time he reached for it with one hand so he could exhale smoke, Avon would swerve the boat so he had to use both hands to hold on. Finally he spat the cigar into the river. When they got ashore Uncle Ben did not see the humor in that prank -- he said he would never come back to Missouri if they treated him like that. But of course he did and I recall his rye smile when reminded of that incident which broke into a broader grin when reminded of his own prank which triggered prank #2. That Patterson sense of humor was handed down and is often now characterized as the Adams sense of humor -- particularly noted in my dad, my Aunt Nila, myself, my brother and most of our kids. However looking at Patterson/Patterson cousins without the Adams heritage as an excuse, a bit of that same mischievious delight in needling someone indicates where the "genes" came from. For example when we were visiting Uncle Weaver and Aunt Frona cousin Naomi whispered to Dad, "Uncle Virgil, there a lot of ducks on the pond. Come and look". Indeed there were and Dad headed in to get his shotgun. At which Naomi yelled out.."Hey mom, Uncle Virgil is gonna shoot your ducks" -- they were pet Mallard's. 
PATTERSON Benjamin Jacob (I419)
54 [Patterson.ged]

!..Bible lists her first in George's family [as Elisabeth Jane] 
PATTERSON Elizabeth Jane "Betsy" (I577)
55 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ALLEN Bill L. (I296)
56 [Patterson.ged]

!..Birth record shows him a 1st child of "Tobias" & Mary C; delivered by Dr.
H.A. SMELTZER of Gatewood. 
HUTCHERSON Charles Reed (I177)
57 [Patterson.ged]

!..birth recorded in Ripley County [same Dry Springs, Ark. midwife that
delivered Aunt Elsie and other "cousins"] - unnamed female. Research by
"researching cousin" Delores P. Allen. 
PATTERSON Birdie Austin (I233)
58 [Patterson.ged]

!..Births of 1st & 4th children recorded. Nothing more known of #2 & #3. 
PATTERSON Infant (I340)
59 [Patterson.ged]

!..BJP research; Sarah & Jn.C.MERRELL thought to be buried in unmarked graves
near the homesite on west bank of Current River (nr.Pratt). The MERRELLs lost
most of their wealth as a result of the Civil War. 
PATTERSON Sarah S. "Sallie" (I451)
60 [Patterson.ged]

!..BJP sources include Dr.Hume papers, MHS, St.Louis; Jn.Merrell probate
MERRELL Mary Jane (I626)
61 [Patterson.ged]

!..BJP sources: family bible; served in Confed.Army/died in service 
MERRELL Douglas "Dugles" (I627)
62 [Patterson.ged]

!..Bob & his brother Joseph moved to TX in the 1890s. Bob didn't marry until he was in his 50s. He returned to MO for a family reunion in 1962. Ben's line told B.J. PATTERSON at fam.reunion that Bob later lived in Muleshoe. Name of his wife from Elsie HARPER - she "never talked to him about his family"; FORD
may have been her married name. 
PATTERSON Robert E. Lee (I411)
63 [Patterson.ged]

!..Buried in an unmarked grave in Masonic Cemetery in Pocohontas. His sisters Sallie Patterson Graham & Edith Patterson Story are also buried there along with some from the "Billy" Patterson line John F died in Arkansas but was buried at the Patterson Sugar Tree Grove homeplace. 
PATTERSON James Walter (I450)
64 [Patterson.ged]

!..Buried in Price Cemetery; "father was George Washington Hutcherson" 
HUTCHERSON John W. "Tobe" (I176)
65 [Patterson.ged]

!..Carl was born a couple years before me and although I have distinct memories of Paul (closer to my own age) which were, if tombstone dates were copied accurately, prior to Carl's death, I don't personally remember Carl. I understand that he and/or Paul had breathing problems and literally choked to death enroute to the hospital. 
WILLIAMS Lowell Carl (I269)
66 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. PATTERSON Carl Gleason (I251)
67 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. PATTERSON Carlene (I354)
68 [Patterson.ged]

!..Carried on the name of Cornealius handed down from Cornealius CARVER since
1822 but generally went by his middle name. He was one of several "left handed
fiddle players" among the Ripley County Pattersons and was a good farmer.
Always quite close to his brother, Rufus, not only playing/working together as
they grew up but also as adults cutting timber, etc. Both families moved to
Randolph Co, Ark (near Reyno) between 1904-07. Randolph Co is just across the
MO/AR line from Ripley Co, MO. Russell & Eliza Jane's four youngest children
were born in Arkansas and he died on Lehman's first birthday, four days before
what would have been his own 39th birthday. His epitaph: "A light from our
household is gone, a voice we loved is stilled". Chaney and the children
moved back to Ripley County after Russell died, buying some land near Ponder,
MO. Later she and the four boys moved to Payne County, OK, locating northwest
of Cushing near "Rufe"s family.
..Sources include 1880-1900C in Ripley Co, 1910C for Clay Co, Ark, Ripley Co
marriage records and research by granddaughter Delores Patterson Allen,
including an interview with "Chaney". 
PATTERSON Cornealius Russell. (I448)
69 [Patterson.ged]

!..chart by "Judy" gives name as Jehu and has m/; cites Wilson Bible. 
MEADOR John or Jehu (I622)
70 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. STEPHENS Terry Sue (I213)
71 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. HUTCHINSON Mary Louise (I211)
72 [Patterson.ged]

!..County birth record lists as 3rd child 
BARNES [unnamed] (I206)
73 [Patterson.ged]

!..county birth record lists as 4th child; Martha MORRIS=midwife 
BARNES George Albert (I207)
74 [Patterson.ged]

!..County birth record lists as 5th child of Samuel & "M.Catharina" [to
distinguish her from the other Mary Catherine nee PATTERSON]; delivered by Dr.
H.A. SMELTZER of Gatewood who attended Mary Catherine HUTCHERSON prior year. 
BINGHAM Leonard "Lane" (I517)
75 [Patterson.ged]

!..dau.of Mr.& Mrs. Edward L. FINN 
FINN Grace Louise (I171)
76 [Patterson.ged]

!..Daughter born in NC ca.1773; James' wife appar.died <1790 census 
77 [Patterson.ged]

!..Death date uncertain; based upon children believed to be from 2nd marriage 
CARVER Polly (I604)
78 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. PATTERSON Delores G. (I255)
79 [Patterson.ged]

!..descendent Gwendelyn Tosh Lindsey, Rt#4, Bx 530, Gilmer, TX 75644 provided
information on ROM-disc AF (no response fm.9/91 letter)
..Sarah's dau.Eliz. was born in Carroll Co, TN in Dec 1828 so they appar.
accompanied John when he went west.
..B.J. Patterson saw research by Judy Mahaney Colthon, Lafayette, TN.
..Both the AF research and Letty White's estate distribution agree that Sarah
had 10 children but some name/sex difference between sources. An 11th child is included to accomodate the differences. Surnames of 5 sets of grand children (parents died before Sarah) suggest that one daughter m/ a COOK (3 children) one married a DISON (2 children); a son (presumably Wm.) left 3 children while a son JAMES (not on AF) was still alive. Surnames of two other grandchildren weren't known. The TOSH surname does not appear on Letty's estate record?? The AF data also has a couple birthdates off from the family bible and adds a "Pryor Patterson" born in 1797 to the family (conflicts with the bible - possibly son of James or of some other Washington Co, KY Patterson (of the 1820s).  
PATTERSON Sarah (I100)
80 [Patterson.ged]

!..Designated "II" to distinguish from Daniel Jr [by 1st mar/died young]
..buried with his wife & at least two children /@/ Poyner Cemetery There are eight Patterson stones
Agnes L. Patterson 1900- 1939
Daniel P s/o Daniel Pitchford Patterson 1875-1948
Della Patterson w/o Daniel P 1877-1955
Dewey G s/o Daniel P & Della 9/22/1898-2/18/1917
Elsie M d/o DP & Della 6/2/1915-2/18/1917
Malina C w/o John H Patterson 6/30/1871-10/22/1911
Thomas E Patterson husb/o Arvil A 10/19/1866-Mar/1906
Thurman Patterson s/o JH & SA
In June 1977 Aunt Elsie (Patterson/Harper) wrote "Daniel married Della Durham. They had 8 children; 5 are dead. Inez lives in Doniphan; Clarence in West Doniphan; Edith in Peru, Ind. 
II PATTERSON Daniel Pitchford. (I412)
81 [Patterson.ged]

!..Details of George's ancestry not known beyond names of his parents. 
PATTERSON George Washington (I321)
82 [Patterson.ged]

!..Died at about age 18 of TB 
RILEY Nellie A. (I318)
83 [Patterson.ged]

!..divorced; remarried to a PICKRELL 
SMITH Marlyn (I222)
84 [Patterson.ged]

!..Edith Mae Story, her husband Thomas & their son Thomas Jr are all buried in Masonic Cemetery, Pocahontas, Arkansas. She was the d/o John F & Martha E (Riley) Patterson 
PATTERSON Edith Mae (I456)
85 [Patterson.ged]

!..Either this child or Elmetta was shown on Letty White's estate as "Ellen
WILSON Betty Helen (I241)
86 [Patterson.ged]

!..Elisabeth was the only sibling still alive when Letty White's estate was
distributed . The family bible belonged to her. She and her husband
Thomas Meador remained on "the Place" and both are buried in the family
cemetery across the road from the original home. This is the line of Eleanor
Birdwell Carter who, along with her husband Dr. Oscar Carter now own it.
Eleanor's article "The House that Holds the Heart" and other material track
the home place from the 1790s to the 1980s. It was added onto in the mid 1800s
and again in 1906. The original logs were covered with weather boarding and a
double gallery with Victorian "Gingerbread" was added but some original logs
and the huge chimney were retained as part of the interior decor. The
"Elisabeth" spelling is from the bible.
..a chart by "Judy" from daughter Nancy's line (Laura m/SHAW; Lilly m/BRANDON) was among material from same source. 
PATTERSON Elisabeth Francis (I106)
87 [Patterson.ged]

!..Elmetta is PROBABLY the Ellen TUCKER shown on the Letty White estate
distribution (still living) but entry could also refer to "Betty Helen"
also identified on the AF. Assume one of these sisters m/--TUCKER. 
WILSON Elmetta Jane (I246)
88 [Patterson.ged]

!..estate record shows heirs; Family Bible; 1850-70C 
PATTERSON George W. (I485)
89 [Patterson.ged]

!..Fam.Bible went to George after his father died. He appar.died before his
sister Eliz. as Bible passed to her 3rd [3 ch.by Thos.MEADOR during 1840s]
..Note family tradition that GY came to MO with his Uncle John after his
father died -- fits although tradit.had fath.name=Wm. 
PATTERSON George (I091)
90 [Patterson.ged]

!..family information from Elsie HARPER; marriage date=license [date of return
not given but during August]
..Ryan biogr.sketch in Ripley Co History: "They started their new life and family in the southwestern part of Ripley County in a one-room log house. They had three sons and one daughter" 
PATTERSON Amanda E. "Mandy" (I405)
91 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. WILLIAMS Debbie (I237)
92 [Patterson.ged]

!..followed John F. PATTERSON as Sheriff of Ripley County 
MERRELL William Hayden. "Will" (I630)
93 [Patterson.ged]

!..from group sheet by Euniceteen 
HARPER Joseph McKinley. (I198)
94 [Patterson.ged]

!..Generally called "Chaney" (her mother's maiden name), their children were
"double PATTERSONs" but no known connection between her father's line and her husband's line. 
PATTERSON Eliza Jane "Chaney" (I466)
95 [Patterson.ged]

!..George C Patterson, his wife Luvena and son Clyde are all buried at Nelson- Clay Cemetery, northeast of Reyno, Arkansas
George C Patterson May 20, 1881 - Dec 27, 1936
Luvena (Hill) Patterson Feb 27, 1881 - Aug 18, 1961
Clyde C Patterson, son of George C Patterson May 6, 1908- Feb 5, 1927 
PATTERSON George C. (I139)
96 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ALLEN Stephen Loyd (I345)
97 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ALLEN Bruce Wayne (I344)
98 [Patterson.ged]

!..Grandfather of Mary Louise HUTCHINSON STEPHENS; he was the second husband
for Lillie Bell; after he died she was remarried to Edd GLASGOW 
HUTCHERSON William Redmond "Will" (I178)
99 [Patterson.ged]

!..Grandmother of Eleanor Birdwell Carter. She left the house to her daughter
Delpha, who sold it to "Uncle Lewis" before Eleanor & Dr. Carter bought it,
keeping it in the family for (now) 200 years. 
MEADOR Eleanor Creolie (I024)
100 [Patterson.ged]

!..grandmother? of Judy (nee Brandon?) who prepared chart? 

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